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Connection of power generation facilities to the interconnected system or installation of lines on a turnkey basis, including projecting, material supply, pole assembly, wire drawing for connections between existing medium voltage plants. Maintaining the city and village networks of electricity distribution companies, whose operating rights are in the public and private sectors, and ensuring a healthy and continuous energy flow to the subscribers by eliminating the malfunctions as soon as possible, identifying the deficiencies of the 154 kV energy transmission lines belonging to TEIAS and eliminating them by expert teams and maintaining these controls periodically.


Project design, material supply, and installation of city and village networks built by electricity distribution companies with an underground cable or overhead line.


Turnkey installation of 154 kV and 380 kV transformer stations built by the public or private sector, including design, material supply, assembly, and construction works.


Electrical interior installation, lighting, distribution panels, main panels, compensation panels, and all electrification processes of medium and large scale industrial facilities are manufactured by our company following technical regulations and standards. Necessary calculations, projecting, applications, and consultancy services in factories and industrial facilities according to the placement of machinery and equipment.

Dutch Enerji A.Ş.olarak hizmetlerimiz neler?

Neler Yapıyoruz?

Lykeion Solar acts as a bridge between potential investors and green energy investment opportunities

The Firms main aim is to identify and seek investors and then find the best investment options for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Renewable Energy projects, with the objective of procuring maximum ROI.

Lykeion Solar is involved in solar as well as wind energy projects; primarily in Turkey, the Netherlands and the Benelux countries.

The firm also procures finds to invest in promising new ideas and technologies in the green energy space.

Medium Voltage Energy Transmission Lines

We provide maintenance and repair services for the production of transmission line systems designed as medium voltage underground or overhead lines by applying technical regulations and occupational safety measures.

Why Invest in GREEN ENERGY?

Irresistible Economics

Wind and solar energy have a short-run marginal cost of zero i.e., energy is essentially generated free of cost when the sun shines and wind blows. The cost incurred is basically, in the technology that is required to be installed to capture the sun light and wind.

Accelerated Technological Growth

Advancements in technology is the wind and solar energy sector are taking place at a rapid pace, making these sectors increasingly cost-effective, efficient and reliable.

Job Creation

According to an article published by the MIT technology review, there are more than 10 million people involved in renewable en-ergy production around the world. More investments imply that this sector will create more jobs globally.

Future Impact

Renewable sources of energy have a wider and positive impact on climate change, environmental protection and energy access. The ever-growing energy demand has already put a strain on fossil fuel reserves, causing it to deplete more rapidly and therefore the only alternative seems to be the sources of renewable energy.

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