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Medium Voltage Energy Transmission Lines

We Provide Maintenance and Repair Services for Manufacturing and Existing Energy Transmission Lines by Applying Technical Regulations and Occupational Safety Measures of the Transmission Line Systems Projected as Medium Voltage Underground or Overhead Line.

    • Application and marking of poles
    • Opening the route, construction of access roads
    • Construction works of the Pole Foundations
    • Pole Mounting
    • Wire drawing
    • Commissioning

Substation Installation

From the Medium Voltage Network Contact Point to All High Voltage Equipment Installation and Assembly, to Low Voltage Output Panel, All Manufactures For a New Transformer Facility Are Made On Turnkey With European Union Experience And Quality.

» Building-Type Substations,
» Concrete Kiosk-Type Substations,
» Pole-Type Substations,
» Underground Kiosk-Type Transformer Substations.
» Medium Voltage Transformer Facilities

Our company installs pole type, monoblock concrete kiosk, or indoor substations between 50 kva – 2500 kva in accordance with all technical regulations.

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Maintenance & Repair Services

The Importance of Energy and Requirements Regarding Energy in the Developing World is Clearly Observed. The Importance of Maintenance of Transformers and Electrical Installations for Uninterrupted, Quality and Continuous Energy is an Undeniable Reality. Periodic Maintenance and Repairs Required for Transformer and Substations Are Made With The Technical Equipment Required By Cagri OG.

» Transformer oil dielectric withstand test,
» Transformer oil filtration processes,
» Insulation test,
» Heating control with a thermal camera,
» Controls of breaker and separator,
» Control system tests,
» Substation maintenance and cleaning

Low Voltage Distribution Systems

Our company provides services for the preparation of all kinds of underground and above ground cable routes (underground, concrete channel, PVC pipe, conduit, sheet pan, EMT, Ex-proof pipe installation, etc.) without compromising on occupational safety and quality factors, and making them suitable for cable drawing.

Industrial Facilities

Electrical interior installation, lighting, distribution and main panels, compensation panels, and all electrification processes of medium and large scale industrial facilities are manufactured by our company in accordance with technical regulations and standards.

Low Voltage Panel Assembly

Field assemblies, tests, and commissioning of MCC panels in accordance with international norms, technical specifications, and special demands (Draw out, Plugin...) including design and project.

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