About us

Dutch Energy

Founded in 2018 to produce innovative and quality solutions in the industrial electrical and automation industry, Dutch Energy offers fast, high quality and technical service as a system solution partner in electrical and automation projects. Dutch Energy provides solution services to its customers in European Union standards.

We actualize turnkey installation applications of Low Voltage, High Voltage, Substations, Low current systems of many facilities such as factories, building, collective housing, hospitals, schools, business centers, and shopping centers.

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Our Values


Measuring the performance of our processes systematically and improving them continuously. Establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors.


Our integrity is geared towards a sustainable future with the philosophy of better work and a better life. We use our gains for the social, cultural, commercial, and technological development of the regions where our businesses exist and serve.

Customer Focus

Developing customer-oriented, high-quality, and creative automation solutions, taking customer needs into account.




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